‘Disgusting’: Internet blasts Trump for Americans learning of latest call with Putin from the Kremlin

Once again, it was Moscow that told the United States people and press about a call between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.  

According to the Kremlin readout, Putin thanked Trump for intelligence “transmitted through the channels of U.S. special services,” which “helped thwart terrorist acts in Russia.”

Many on Twitter were particularly bothered by the lack of details about the call. Trump was on the golf course most of Sunday, prompting questions of whether he took the call from the links and if any national security officials were on hand to listen in to the call and record the necessary information.

Due to the lack of information released to the press, it’s unknown if there were further things addressed in the call. According to CNN, the White House still hasn’t confirmed the call even took place.

Former national security aid Samantha Vinograd noted in an interview with CNN that nothing Trump does is for nothing and he operations on a very transactional basis. She wondered if Trump handed over this intelligence, what he was demanding in return.

You can see the frustration from Twitter below: