Americans will travel to DC from all over to protest Republicans during Trump’s impeachment trial: Congressman

Americans will travel from all over the country to Washington, DC for President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.  

Rep. Al Green (D-TX), an early leader on impeaching Trump, made the prediction during an MSNBC interview with Chris Hayes on Monday.

“I think that we’re at a point now where the Senate is on trial,” he explained. “Before there’s a trial in the Senate, the Senate is now on trial.”

“Speaker Pelosi’s withholding the articles [of impeachment] will give us an opportunity to find out whether there will be dignity and integrity as a part of the Senate’s trial,” he explained.

“And if the public sees that there’s not the dignity and not the integrity, it will not surprise me — wouldn’t surprise me one scintilla to see people coming to the actual trial itself,” Green said. “They may not be in the room, they may not be in the Senate, but it wouldn’t surprise me if people came from across this country to be there at the time this trial is taking place so as to show their concern for a fair trial as opposed to a fake trial.”

Washington, DC has been the site of large protests in the past. The metropolitan area has three major airports, Amtrak’s Acela Corridor, and I-95.

The day after Trump was inaugurated, the Women’s March had an attendance estimated to be 470,000 — roughly three-times the 160,000 pro-Trump supporters estimated to have shown their allegiance the day prior.